Decentralized web services

A new era of cloud computing services, powered by the blockchain.

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DADI is a global, decentralized fog supercomputer, tuned for web services.

Unlike existing centralized cloud services, DADI implements a fog computing structure - a decentralized pool of devices, all of which are connected to the Internet.

With DADI there is no single authority that regulates computing resource distribution. We use cost efficient fog computing rather than a centralized cloud structure, removing the need to pay in advance for private and monopolized cloud computing platforms such as AWS, Azure and Google Cloud.

DADI's web services are organised around a microservices architecture that provides a series of intelligent apps for building digital products.

Every digital product is powered by web services. And every business using the Web will have the option to use DADI's tokens to build on our platform at a price point unimaginable today. Moreover, all Web users will be able to use DADI to generate passive income by providing their computational resources for rent.

DADI represents a radical overhaul of the cloud computing sector. Our mission is to uphold the founding principles of the Web by democratising computational power.

“Moving to DADI significantly reduced our infrastructure costs”

Product Lead, Haymarket Consumer Media

Platform architechture

  • Ethereum smart contracts

    A consensus system ensuring transparency and security for the system's participants.

  • Fog computing

    А decentralized and more efficient computing model compared to cloud.

  • Yandex/Cocaine

    An open source Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) technology, and a decentralized platform.

  • Docker

    Аn isolated environment ensuring computing parallelism and appropriate apps running on any device.

  • Resilio

    A peer-to-peer system for fast and safe data transfer.

  • Whisper

    A peer-to-peer technology for node communication.


Democratized peer-to-peer web services – cost-effective and scalable for buyers, added value for miners.


DADI offers an opportunity for miners to earn tokens by performing calculations for everyone in the network. Any smart device (CPU, GPU, PlayStation, and even smartphone) located anywhere in the world can take advantage by joining the fog network and selling computing power peer-to-peer via the DADI Application Pool.


Buyers benefit from using DADI fog computing as an alternative to centralized cloud services in terms of cost effectiveness, security, and scalability. There's no need for infrastructure and employees - the data is stored in the fog, decentralized and encrypted on miners' computers. Buyers can select any rental time or architecture they need – and set the cost.

Web services as connected apps

Connected applications that can be used in varied combinations – including alongside other technology.


A high-performance RESTful API layer designed in support of API-first development and the principles of COPE.

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A writer’s window to the world of content creation. Flexible interfaces designed to optimise editorial workflow.

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A just-in-time asset manipulation and delivery layer designed as a modern, global content distribution solution.

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A writer’s window to the world of content creation. Flexible interfaces designed to optimise editorial workflow.

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Real-time, streaming data layer providing accurate metrics at individual and product level. Drives DADI Identity.

Q3/4 2017


A data visualization interface for Identity and Track, but capable of taking data feeds from virtually any source.

Q2 2018


Guarantees uniqueness of individuals – and powers segmentation – for anonymous and known users.

Q3/4 2017


Taxonomic framework for automated content classification through machine learning. Plugs into Publish.

Q3 2017


A machine learning layer that predicts user behaviour at an individual level based on past interactions.

Q4 2017