Network ready

Fast and cost-efficient content delivery powered by the new internet

A decentralized application that makes websites, APIs, ecommerce stores, mobile applications and SaaS platforms faster and more secure

Deliver at scale

DADI's network comprises hundreds of edge nodes covering every continent and pretty much every country and major city on Earth.

Cache anything at the edge

CDN enables the caching of all content types at the edge, getting you as close to your customers as possible.

Enhance performance

Closer delivery means faster delivery, improving user experience, retention and conversion.

Lower costs

DADI's decentralized architecture reduces prices by removing many of the costs associated with traditional cloud environments. These savings are passed on to you.

What is CDN?

DADI CDN is analogous to a traditional CDN (Content Distribution Network) such as Akamai and Limelight. It is designed to carry the processing and delivery load associated with image manipulation and asset delivery (CSS/JS/fonts) and acts autonomously as a layer on top of your core product.

CDN has full support for caching, header control, image manipulation, image compression and image format conversion. An authenticated API allows for fine grained cache control in the form of content invalidation on an individual file or collective path basis.

Screenshot of product

CDN lets you edit images easily using query strings.

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