Introducing DADI Store

Store your files on the DADI network – or use it alongside other DADI applications


With DADI CDN now live on the network (and in constant iteration) we turn our thoughts to the next of our dApps to be rolled out – DADI Store.

Scheduled for Q3 2018, Store is in simple terms a decentralized file storage solution bringing all the benefits of the DADI network to those who want a place to keep photos, documents or media files.

That means a faster and more cost-effective service – we are projecting a bandwidth saving of up to 60% – plus the security benefits of distributed file storage.

You’ll simply create an account page at and upload your files to the network. These files will then be encrypted, chopped up into fragments and distributed across the collected nodes on the DADI network. When you choose to view or retrieve these files, the system will do so for you – and make them available again via

Store will also act as storage for files supporting other applications in the DADI stack – for example assets used by DADI CDN or files for DADI Web.

As a teaser for today we’re proud to share a few screens showing work in progress (and that once again we’re in front of our roadmap). We’ll be sharing more details via a dedicated product page at in due course.


Questions in the meantime? Reach out via Telegram, Discord, Reddit or Twitter.

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