The DADI Crowdsale

The DADI Crowdsale

The DADI Crowdsale will begin on the 22nd of January, 2018, and will run for 30 days (or until the Crowdsale is sold out). There will be short Presale period followed by a single Public Sale.

The DADI Crowdsale is capped at $27.5 million USD. The token price has been set and can be found below. Investors in the Presale will recieve a 50% discount on the Public Sale price.

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The DADI token

The DADI platform uses a token of the same name: DADI. The token is central to transactions within the platform (tokens are used by Consumers to pay for Web Services), and is designed to ensure flexibility and stability for the ongoing evolution of the technology.

DADI is a token issued on the Ethereum blockchain. Its design follows widely adopted token implementation standards, allowing token holders to easily store and manage their DADI tokens using existing solutions including Ethereum Wallet, although there will also be a dedicated DADI wallet (built to address existing concerns surrounding the usability of in-market wallets).

Tokens will be created at the end of 2017. The total supply of DADI will be limited to the amount of tokens created at this point in time.

Total DADI supply: 100,000,000

The DADI Crowdsale and the creation of DADI tokens will take place using Ethereum smart contracts. Participants who wish to support the development of DADI will send Ether to a contract address dedicated to the Crowdsale. DADI tokens will be issued at the point of purchase during the Crowdsale at the specified DADI/ETH exchange rate.

Crowdsale participants will be able to send Ether to DADI Ethereum addresses only after the start of the Presale. The Crowdsale will finish at the end of the Public Sale period, or when the Public Sale cap is reached.


Stage Date No. of DADI tokens Price (USD) Price (Eth)
Presale January 22nd, 2018 10,000,000 $0.25 USD 0.000754 *
Public Sale January 29th, 2018 50,000,000 $0.50 USD 0.001508 *

* Exchange rates will be set ahead of the Presale in January and will be fixed for the duration of the sale

Token allocation

The allocation of DADI tokens generated during the Crowdsale is as follows:

Beneficiary % allocation Tokens
Partners 10% 10,000,000 (ten million)
Investors 60% 60,000,000 (sixty million)
The DADI founding team 20% 20,000,000 (twenty million)
Ecosystem fund 2.5% 2,500,000 (two and a half million)
DADI+ ops 2.5% 2,500,000 (two and a half million)
Referral program 5% 5,000,000 (five million)

Partners are individuals and businesses that have helped DADI either before or during the Crowdsale. The DADI founding team comprises all currently employed full time members of staff. These tokens serve as a long term incentive for the core teams involvement in DADI and are subject to a four-year vesting schedule with an initial 12-month lock in. The ecosystem fund is a pool of DADI dedicated to supporting the underlying connectivity of the network (enabling the flexibility to backfill in areas of low Miner support for example). DADI+ ops refers to a contribution to the operations of the company behind DADI, DADI+ Limited (a private limited company registered in England and Wales [Company No: 08599900]). These tokens will be held in reserve by the business, to be used in support of day-to-day operations, as well as the hiring of key members of the team where required. The referral program is an allocation of tokens set aside as a reward for referrals.

How to participate

January 22nd, 2018


(ten million)

Presale comprising 10% of DADI tokens generated. Up front registration required

January 29th, 2018

Public Sale

(fifty million)

Public Sale comprising 50% of DADI tokens generated.

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