New Publish editing tools

Markdown editor added to DADI Publish, first of a batch remaining updates before it moves out of beta


DADI Publish has had a long life already, it’s in use with over 200 digital products including Empire magazine. The publicly available version for engineers to download and use with DADI API has been in beta development for a number of months and is very close to its first full release.

Today we pushed live the first of a series of significant UX tweaks to make the editor more user-friendly. Our simple (yet effective) markdown editor allows for the basic formatting options such bold, italics, headings, lists and links – the foundations for further tools such as inline image controls.


We’ll also have image management tools including drag and drop for upload and cropping/editing available before we move out of beta. (When you have a tool like DADI CDN at your disposal you may as well show some muscle!)

It’s worth adding that we are midway through a broader UX review too, which will add some further polish to the interfaces and make the likes of Drupal and Wordpress feel even more like you’re editing content through your own letterbox. 😀

At the risk of stating the obvious, the first release of Publish will be exactly that. We have a long roadmap of iterative improvement for the rest of 2018 and into next year that’ll will see our content management interfaces become full-fledged writing and editing tools, well beyond everything else in market.

Stand by for more updates in the coming weeks.

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