DADI mainnet now live

Network switches to live environment two days ahead of schedule, CDN now network-ready.


Today represents a milestone moment for DADI – our mainnet is now live and ready to handle traffic for digital products using DADI CDN.

CDN is the first of our decentralized applications to be ‘network-ready’. We have completed deployment to the network for one of our major clients and will be moving over live traffic in controlled phases in the coming days (which will also bring the dual benefit of speeding up their digital product and reducing cost).

You can read about CDN here and have a play with some of its features – including dynamic image resizing, formatting and editing – with our CDN Sandbox.

The DADI mainnet is currently running on a non-earning network backbone provided with the support of our data centre partners. We’ll be onboarding the first private nodes in phases over the coming weeks, headline details of which can be found in our roadmap.

The first of these onboarding phases will include those who qualify for what we are calling our Founding Node Programme. The programme will be a selection process for the lucky first group of people that can join the DADI network as Hosts – full details will be announced tomorrow, but if you’d like to be involved in this we recommend you start your application by signing up here.


Eagle eyes will also notice that we’ve moved to the next iteration of today. The site has been updated to reflect the launch of the mainnet and network-ready CDN, plus give details of when the other applications that make up the DADI dApps marketplace will be introduced. Many of these applications have been live with our clients and available via Github for some time, so will provide easy transition to the DADI network when the work to integrate them is complete.

The new map on the homepage demonstrates the network in action – a demo for now, but it will be hooked up show live data - just like the testnet map on the last version of the site - when the first of the Founding Nodes are introduced.

So, a big step forward today for DADI and our community of supporters. As always, reach out via our social channels with questions or comments – or join our fortnightly AMA tomorrow at 2pm UTC across Telegram, Discord and Reddit to talk with our CEO Joseph Denne and the senior engineering team.

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