Founding Node: production update

Final version signed off, first deliveries expected later this month – device onboarding by early October


The DADI Founding Nodes are our first step towards reimagining the home as a data centre, our plug-and-play devices that will be sent to lucky lottery winners the world over to kickstart DADI’s new decentralized internet.

We’ve worked with industrial designers Blond to produce a beautiful glass and silicone case to enclose a Raspberry Pi, which is now being assembled and shipped to London in beautiful bespoke boxes you may have seen in last week’s sneak preview on social.

As illustrated in the photo above, our last job before giving the go-ahead to build was to sign off a number of pre-production components. This was to test for colour, quality and consistency between parts, as we are using a combination of manufacturers across Europe and China, hand picked for quality of finish, and to ensure the lowest possible carbon footprint per device.

The glass is hand blown (we are allowing for some delightful variation in presentation), while the silicone cap and circuit board mount specially made and shipped with cables from China. Each has been carefully selected to ‘hang together’ nicely.

So, when do we expect our lottery winners to receive the finished devices? The process is as follows: components are assembled and shipped to our London testing facility, where we’ll quality check, register for network connection and finalise packaging. We’ll keep you updated on our progress.

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