Founding Node lottery: second chance!

Due to overwhelming demand, we’re building more devices – and that means another opportunity to win


Missed out first time around in our Founding Node Lottery? You are not alone – we had applications from 589 cities in 87 countries around the world and only 100 devices to give away.

Having signed off the pre-production version this week we decided to redress this situation by adding at least 50 new devices to our production run and running a second chance draw.

Applications are open from today. To enter you simply need to register at and make sure you opt-in to the lottery on your account page. New and existing users will find a link to the account pages in the main navigation of this site.

The closing date for this new round will be next Thursday 13th September at 12pm UTC (don’t worry, we’ll remind you). We will make the draw in the days that follow and announce winners on Monday 17th September.

Previous entrants are free to try again, but do check your account page to make sure you are in the draw. Winners of the first round will be excluded, because that’s only fair.

Questions? Join our AMA with the senior engineering team tomorrow (Friday 7th September) at 2pm UTC simultaneously across Telegram, Discord and Reddit. We’ll be chatting about the Founding Node, onboarding process and anything else network-related the community chooses to ask.

Otherwise, good luck!

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