Founding Node Lottery: deadline midnight tonight

The closing date for applications to the Founding Node Lottery is 12am UTC tonight – act now.


Have you created your account yet at and opted in to the Founding Node Lottery? If not, act fast because the closing date is today at midnight UTC.

We’ll begin the process of selecting the winners in the 48 hours that follow and will start contacting lucky winners from early next week. As we’ve said before, the selection process will be open and fair, but weighted in favour of those active in our social communities and also for location – it is important the Founding Nodes are spread widely across the globe.

Details of how the winners were drawn will be published next week, by which time we will also have more info on the Founding Nodes themselves. The devices will be in our hands for packing and shipping by mid-September, but we’ll keep you posted on that as we go.

We’ll also be hosting one of our regular AMA/Q&A sessions with the senior DADI team next Friday, so if you have questions about the devices, the onboarding process or anything else network-related, pop 2pm UTC into your diary and we’ll see you then.

Thanks, as always, for your continued interest and support. If you’ve read this far and are still wondering what the Founding Node Lottery is, go here. Want to know how little devices such as our Node (and others we have planned to follow it) will change the internet? This way.

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