$DADI listed on LBX

Yes, it’s an exchange announcement. But this is also a gateway for fiat-paying DADI customers


Announcements about exchange listings. The crypto world loves them because they are another route to currency trading (which is great), but DADI’s LBX listing has another angle – mainstream product adoption.

To achieve scale DADI technology needs to be easily accessible by companies used to traditional payments methods (at least in the short to medium term) and LBX gives DADI an option to support this – a friction-free on-ramp for customers who want to pay for DADI services in fiat currency.

$DADI is a utility token that exists for two reasons:

• to pay those who contribute compute power to the DADI Edge network • to facilitate the purchase of that compute power by enterprise clients

We say ‘enterprise’ because our ambitions are big – we will offer edge computing services at a scale to compete with large, selfish organisations and share our profits with the people like you who may support our network.

The companies we target with our technology may not be crypto-literate and they shouldn’t have to be either. The LBX exchange integration is one route DADI can use to facilitate these companies being billed in conventional currency, which is then converted into $DADI so it can do its job in the network. LBX currently offers exchange to GBP (a great fit for many of DADI’s existing clients) and has plans for other currencies including EUR in due course.

This is good news for DADI because we have a strong blockchain product that can achieve mainstream adoption. It’s great for LBX too as it can help provide a clear path for traditional businesses to transition.

$DADI is available for trading from today – and even before we onboard our first fiat customer to the network, remember that the exchange is also a useful place to purchase tokens you may require for your proof of stake to contribute to (and earn from) the DADI network.

You can read more about DADI’s partnership with LBX via the announcement we made back in July. Further questions, as always, can be directed via our contact page or our many social channels.

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