Designing DADI's future

How we’re using industrial design to bring connected devices to homes all over the world.

The DADI network will be comprised of hundreds of thousands of Nodes running a broad array of devices. In the first instance we’re rolling out with our data center partners (utilising spare capacity to build a backbone that guarantees performance as the network is built out), and to Linux based devices contributed by the DADI community.

Over time we’ll expand the network software to the desktop and to mobile devices, eventually taking in connected hardware outside of daily internet use, like games consoles and even set top boxes.

The ambition for the network requires a connected device estate on a huge scale. We’re reimagining the home as a data center, blending the utility of everyday life with cutting edge networking technology.

It is only by addressing the consumer space that the blockchain can be truly be made mainstream. Mass adoption will happen when the technology of the blockchain fades in to the background, becoming incidental to the delivery of a service or utility with tangible benefit. User experience is the key to the future of our industry, and we’re working to help facilitate this by imagining devices in the home with dual purpose.

In support of this we’ve partnered with industrial design studio Blond. Based in London and founded in 2014, Blond creates contemporary products, spaces and digital experiences for a diverse range of brands, including Sony, LG, Revolut and Rapha.

DADI VP of Design David Longworth (right), and James Melia, Founder of BlondDADI VP of Design David Longworth (right), and James Melia, Founder of Blond

Together we are working on designs for a number of dedicated DADI Nodes, as well as early stage concepts for connected devices for the home.

Early stage concepts for DADI devicesEarly stage concepts for DADI devices

The roadmap for DADI devices is in development, and products won’t appear overnight – the design, fabrication and certification process is long and complicated. However we’re already a couple of months in, and have made brilliant progress, the results of which we will sharing with you in the coming days. (Tip: make sure you’re registered at, might just put you at the front of a queue…)

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