DADI and Agorai: partnership detail

More information on how we are working together, ahead of our joint appearance at AI Summit this week


This is the week we share a stand at London’s AI Summit with our partners Agorai, to tell the world about how we are working together to bring fairer access to AI technology for businesses and individuals who may be priced out of the market by behemoth corporations.

The partnership – announced back in April this year – pairs Agorai’s blockchain based marketplace for artificial intelligence software and data assets with the power of the DADI network to help distribute its services.

Ahead of the conference we are proud to announce details of our development roadmap (listed below) showing how we will be working together over the coming months to support Agorai as it moves from beta in 2018 to fully live early next year.


As you can see, the projects dovetail nicely with DADI expecting to be fully live by Q4 2018, just before the Agorai service rolls out in 2019.

If you are in London for the AI Summit later this week, be sure to hunt us down – if for no other reason than to pick up some goodies.

Want more info on Agorai? Check out their brand new website, or read more about the partnership with DADI. You can also join their Telegram group via this link. And you know where we are. :)

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