Announcing the DADI mainnet schedule

DADI mainnet marches even closer to live – read full details of our plan for rollout between now and Q4 this year


‘When mainnet?’ is probably the most-typed phrase on our Telegram channel and, bang on schedule, we’re pleased to confirm it will be online as a Beta at the end of June.

This first stage will be running with our own worldwide collection of nodes (note that these do not participate in POS and are not revenue generating), followed swiftly with the onboarding of c.500 Hosts, c.15 Gateways and c.2 Stargates during Q3 and Q4. These figures are designed to provide enough capacity for early network demand and are subject to change.

We will be announcing details of our Founding Node Programme next week. This will explain how and when you’ll be able to secure one of the limited spaces available to be among the first contributors to connect to the DADI network.

From the first wave onwards the onboarding process will be targeting broad geographic spread. Onboarding will happen in phases, allowing us to control how the network scales, balancing supply and demand.

Projected revenues for Hosts are currently modelled at above 10% of POS (annualised). Plus, in the initial phases of the Mainnet launch, the DADI network will be guaranteeing a minimum return based on proof of availability.

Hosts will be earning from early in the network’s life - the end of September for the first payments from the Payout contract.

Join us as we build the new masternode economy, creating a truly decentralized global infrastructure. Applications for the Founding Node Programme and general onboarding process will begin in the last week of June. Make sure you’re signed up with DADI so you don’t miss out.

Questions? Find us, as always, on Telegram or Discord.

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