DADI is a global, decentralized cloud platform with a suite of web services to help you build, launch and grow your digital products.

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If you have spare computational power, DADI is a great application of your resource, delivering real world services for individuals, businesses and governments, whilst delivering income for you.


DADI Stargate provides intelligent routing for dapps, as well securing the network and providing the interface for DADI's smart contract layer, handling rate negotiation and payouts.


DADI Gateway is the entry point to the DADI network. It bridges end users and task response through the maintenance of a job queue for Hosts and handles caching at object level.


DADI Host is the workhorse of the DADI network. It runs individual DADI web services in secure containers and connects in to the job queue that is maintained by DADI Gateway, requesting and responding to tasks.

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How it works

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What can it be used for?

Content & publishing platforms

DADI web services combine flexible editorial interfaces with an API-first/COPE (Create Once, Publish Everywhere) philosophy.

Content manipulation & distribution

DADI CDN delivers of image, audio and video assets for digital products across multiple contexts at a much reduced cost.

Apps: tablet and mobile

DADI's content management technology - Publish, API and CDN - is a hand-in-glove fit for development of mobile apps.

Decentralize your products

Using DADI technology immediately brings cost and performance benefits of decentralization to your digital product.

Paid subscription services

As proficient in managing user data as content, DADI web services can support subscription services as part of a wider CRM capability.

Cost-sensitive products

DADI's decentralized architecture means users can save over 90% compared with traditional cloud service providers.

Intelligent content classification

Automate the classification and tagging of editorial content using DADI's unique and highly accurate taxonomic framework.

Customer relationship management

DADI technology provides a 'single customer view' for optimal relationship management in digital products and beyond.

Smarter, targeted ecommerce

Brings the flexibility of API-first content management to retail and facilitates improved conversion through personalization.

User experiences with machine learning

Track user activity and make real-time 'decisions' about content or commercial opportunity most relevant to users.

Seamless big data capability

DADI can act as an umbrella store for user data across multiple products, bringing more power to machine learning.

Power 'always-on' products

The decentralized nature of DADI is uniquely performant for products such as news services which need to be 'always-on'.

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