Introducing CDN 3.1.0

An overview of what’s new in the latest release of DADI CDN – including a 50% improvement in response times

Recently we released version 3.1.0 of DADI CDN. Even though it doesn’t include any shiny new features, it does come with new parts under the hood.


🔗Performance improvements

CDN was the first application to launch on the DADI decentralized network. Even though the software has been in development for over five years, its activity on the network during the past couple of months has given our engineering team an astonishing amount of data and metrics, which we’ve been using to fine-tune the technology for optimal performance and stability.

We saw a significant performance improvement with version 3.0.0, with an average reduction of 50% in response times. With 3.1.0, we’re repeating the feat and reducing the average response times by another 50%.

The following graph shows a comparison of the request throughput between versions 3.0.5 and the newly-released 3.1.0, when benchmarked on a Digital Ocean droplet with 2GB RAM, 50GB SSD and running Ubuntu 16.04.


🔗Get it today

If you’re already using CDN, simply update the version of your module to 3.1.0. There are no breaking changes. If you’re new to the product, check out the documentation.

Enjoy the new horsepower - we’ll keep up the tuning work and share results with you in future releases.

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