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A flexible platform with smooth editorial workflow is the key to future revenue for modern digital product

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“If you are not collecting data or dollars you are dead.” This was the message for publishers pressed most firmly into our notebooks after attending (and hosting a table at) the Independent Publisher Conference and Awards last month in London.

It reflected the rise in importance of intelligent (and respectful) use of audience data to improve retention or conversion of happy users of editorial products, plus the need for dynamic subscription models to defend challenges to revenue from display advertising.

We’ve long seen inflexible, traditional digital platforms as a hindrance to delivering these solutions. Systems conceived many years ago to simplify content management – such as Drupal and Wordpress – are now in many applications throttled by myriad third party add-ons to help them achieve things never originally intended.

This, and the fact that many old school enterprise CMS products force product managers and editors to fold their requirements into a ‘one size fits all’ system, was our starting point for DADI Publish. Together with other products in our suite such as DADI API, DADI Web and DADI CDN, it works in an API-first (or headless) manner to allow products to scale more efficiently and handle more complex tasks without slowing user experience.

By being a multi-tenancy CMS and supporting the principles of COPE (Create Once Publish Everywhere), DADI technology can also save hours of editorial effort better spent on content creation by allowing management of content across devices and even multiple digital products (Bauer Media runs 59 of their radio websites from a single instance of DADI Publish).

Our editorial interfaces (developed in consultation with a steering committee of journalists and editors) can be configured to match the requirement of your editorial team, further ironing the creases in production workflow.

But cost efficiency and optimal workflow are the foundations of the system, now we get to the data and dollars bit. As neatly demonstrated by the flexible subscriptions strategy we implemented for Monocle magazine, DADI will handle user data as well. The technology can also personalise content and commercial opportunity in support of greater audience retention and conversion, without a sluggish third-party add-on in sight.

Sound interesting? Drop us a line to see how we can help with your digital product, be it as lean as a blog or complex as a global digital publication. Did we mention we delivered the first iteration of Empire magazine in six weeks?

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