The humble Pi

Founding Node or Raspberry Pi in a jam jar? Either is fine with us – that’s kinda the point of our Edge network


Funny world, crypto. Last week we took our prototype Founding Node on holiday to World Crypto Con for an early public outing, safe in the hands of one of our selected social media advocates. The Las Vegas show was its first real glimpse of daylight and prompted lots of chat on Twitter.

Usually for every one person on social media calling for our industry to mature there’s another holding us all back, but in this case we’ll admit the node meme was amusing. This is probably the one we enjoyed the most:

Also funny, though, is that CryptoBotch has indeed built a DADI-compatible node – in the time it took him to pop a spare Raspberry Pi into glass jar (receptacle optional).

The Pi was specifically chosen for the Founding Node because it is a commodity, low-powered device and demonstrates the power of our Edge network. DADI is hardware agnostic – it’s designed to run on anything. You don’t need expensive hardware or deep technical knowledge to join in.

A single Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ (as used in the Founding Node) contains a quad core 1.4Ghz processor and 1GB of RAM. That might not sound like much, but it is. It’s enough to handle the processing of multiple concurrent CDN requests, and when plugged in to our Edge network architecture it becomes part of a system capable of handling requests in the hundreds of millions.

The power of our network is not from individual components, it’s from thousands of devices of different sizes and capability working together. Even if one of those is kept in a jar. Or cardboard shoe box. Or plastic carrier bag. What you do in your own homes is up to you. :)

PS: if you’re reading this, CryptoBotch, get in touch via Twitter. We’ll send you a real Founding Node to replace your home build, so then you’ll have two chances to earn DADI tokens…

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