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Pricing details for the Edge network are now available, covering scalable compute services, edge storage, edge caching and edge bandwidth.

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Pricing in the Edge network is focused on pure network services – the underlying data points that drive the technology: compute power, storage and bandwidth.

In addition to this, marketplace apps enable one-click deployments of popular technology, enabling individuals and businesses to set up and sell their own products. Marketplace apps can set their own pricing structures, and in turn pay for the network services that they use.

🔗Scalable compute services

Like a virtual machine, but hyper localized. DADI’s containerized application layer enables you to distribute your applications like never before, with a real-time distribution matrix that automatically deploys and scales based on demand.

🔗Edge storage

Long-term object storage. Edge storage distributes your files over hundreds of devices, providing a level of security and redundancy unmatched in market. Accessible and addressable by your applications in the network.


Short term object caching. Edge caching acts like a content delivery network, providing a high performance delivery solution for the offsetting of load. Cached objects follow user demand in real time, delivering from inside a users local network for the fastest possible response time.


Data transport for edge devices, intelligently routed based on network topography to ensure the shortest possible journey from application to the end user. Routing is automatic and dynamically applied to every object and application within the Edge network.

🔗One-click dApp deployment

Removes the need for installation and configuration, enabling you to get straight to deployment. The marketplace will contain pre-built images of popular applications and technologies, including existing DADI apps such as Publish and API.


The following prices represent the entry level price* of the underlying services in the network. Volume discounts are available and price offsetting applies to those who also contribute to the network.

Edge compute unit (per hour)†Long term object storage (per GB)Short term cache (per GB)Bandwidth (per GB)

* Pricing is subject to change and is accurate at the time of writing

† Base Edge compute unit pricing. Additional types and pricing tiers will become available over time

Marketplace apps are free to set their own pricing structures. For example, the first marketplace app, CDN, is priced on the basis of gigabytes transferred.

🔗Price comparison

While direct comparisons are difficult because of the complex and opaque nature of pricing in traditional cloud platforms (and because edge networking represents a fundamentally different approach to networked services), some direct comparisons can be drawn from production usage of traditional clouds:

Edge networkGoogle CloudAWSAzureHeroku
Compute unit (per hour)*$0.00694$0.01$0.072$0.015$0.03472
Long term storage (per GB†)$0.01$0.026$0.024$0.06n/a
Short term caching (per GB)‡$0.06$0.1175$0.09$0.146n/a
Bandwidth (per GB)§$0.01$0.24$0.09$0.087N/A

* One Edge compute unit is roughly equal to 1.4GHz 64-bit quad core processor, with 1GB of attached RAM. Comparisons on the basis of the nearest compute power instance overall

† Storage pricing is per GB per month

‡ Caching pricing is highly complex across traditional cloud providers, with multiple variables impacting such as location and service type, and as such is incredibly hard to predict. Averages from production environments have been used for this comparison, with the exception of the transparent pricing for the Edge network

§ Bandwidth pricing is variable country to country and on the basis of service type within traditional clouds, and as such is incredibly hard to predict. Averages from production environments have been used for this comparison, with the exception of the transparent pricing for the Edge network

🔗Price offset

If you are a network owner or have a significant hardware estate, you can offset the cost of network services by contributing to the network. In addition, by enabling delivery within your own network, you can reduce north-south transport, effectively converting it to east-west transport between devices and end users within your own estate.

🔗Total cost of ownership

It is important to keep in mind that while the Edge network offers significant cost savings in underlying services, that the pace of delivery and deployment that can be achieved on the platform has a radical impact on the total cost of ownership for products built on DADI technology.

🔗Applicable tax

The prices stated in this document are exclusive of local sales taxes which, as applicable, will be applied to all transactions based on the place of supply.

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