DADI: the local global network

Why localization will make DADI the largest network in your neighborhood (and fastest, greenest and most cost-effective)


Vegetables. You can fly them in from around the globe but they are better sourced locally. It’s greener, often cheaper and tastes better.

The same can be said for the internet. There’s no sense in calling data from halfway across a continent if it can be stored and distributed locally. This concept of localization is what we’re aiming for with DADI.

We are different to big cloud providers because we use existing technology in the home and in the office to place the internet all around us, rather than in large distribution centers with miles to cover before they reach your device.

There’s a huge benefit to localizing the internet in this way: we can from early in our history be a credible alternative to (or replacement for) established players. Even a spread of DADI nodes in the hundreds across a city will make us the largest network in your neighborhood, serving faster content to your community at less cost – either to the environment or those providing the digital services.

Let’s use local government as an example: say Yourtown council website is run on the DADI network. Our technology will allow Yourtown’s IT department to specify the region its users are most likely to come from, allowing the network to focus data storage and delivery to the Yourtown area.

Even if this wasn’t set as a requirement, DADI will measure geographic spread of traffic to the Yourtown website and automatically distribute data to the closest nodes for optimal consumption. So our network is managing not only the distribution of data to the end user, but to dynamically optimize local storage based on likely usage. All the time.

Which makes locally sourced digital services possible even for the largest global organizations – and with it greener, more cost-effective and enjoyable products. Just like your potatoes from the farm down the road.

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