DADI proof of stake

Want to earn tokens by contributing to our edge network? Then you need to stake $DADI. Here’s why…


Maybe you’re about to receive a Founding Node. Perhaps you’re getting ready to contribute using one of our desktop applications. Could be you’re thinking about a bespoke node. Whichever, you’ll need to provide Proof of Stake (PoS) for each device you connect.

PoS is a deposit of 5,000 $DADI which is held by us for the length of time you remain a contributor to the edge network. These tokens are taken out of circulation and only returned to the market when you take your device offline. This restriction is only for the staked amount – tokens you earn during the period will released periodically during the time the device is connected, and may be drawn as required.

We ask for a Proof of Stake for a few important reasons relating to the reliability of the network. We have a ‘backbone’ of devices to ensure 100% uptime, but it’s vital to the scale of our project that contributed nodes are online as much of the time as possible.

Payment of PoS shows commitment to the network and increases the likelihood of the associated device being online. This in turn helps guarantee uptime, which improves performance and will build customer confidence – ultimately meaning we are more successful. The more clients we have, the bigger the node payouts are.

If you are due to receive a Founding Node you’ll soon receive an email with instructions on how to make your PoS contribution. Those eager to contribute to the network with their own devices should ready their PoS now by purchasing tokens from one of our exchange partners and sign up via – you’ll then be able to follow instructions via your account page when the time comes.

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