AMA recap: November 16th, 2018

This week’s team chat happened amid Founding Node assembly, so it was short (but full of node detail sweetness)


🔗Question 1:

Any big updates planned until the end of the year?

Joseph Denne: There’s a world of work going here, from network development to finalising the onboarding process to founding node build out. No rest for the wicked. And yes, there’s more news to come this year.

🔗Question 2:

How is the Founding Node production line looking? When will devices be shipped to lottery winners?

Joseph Denne:It’s going well. We have built 118 out of 150 devices and all will be ready to ship the first batch next week. Today I will be emailing all lottery winners with the next steps. These are important – we need to verify postal addresses and Proof of Stake before the postman is called. For those of you here now with your POS in hand, you can simply sign in and follow the process on site at:

🔗Question 3:

Any problems encountered during assembly?

Joseph Denne: It’s been amazingly smooth sailing. (Apart from delivery times!) The glass component is hand-blown and so subject to the odd (endearing) peculiarity, but so far only four or five (4%) have been sidelined because of small imperfections. We allowed for 25%, so we may have some left over! Otherwise, all components have slotted together very nicely.

🔗Question 4:

What’s the process for onboarding the Founding Nodes once we receive them?

Joseph Denne: The process is unique for the Founding Node devices – and printed on the packaging. In short, we will have manually onboarded each device so it will be as simple as plugging it in and heading to the link provided.

Just for reference, future device connections (i.e. not the Founding Nodes) will also be easy, but contributors will take care of the set up via their DADI account pages rather than finding the device pre-connected by us.

🔗Question 5:

How are the Founding Nodes going to be assigned in terms of the numbering? Can I request for a specific number when they’re ready to be sent out?

Joseph Denne: Numbers will be assigned randomly as it is the fairest option. But whichever one you get it will be between 1 and 150, so very exclusive.

🔗Question 6:

How careful do I need to be with the Founding Node especially the glass component? Did you do any drop tests to see how durable it is so that I know where best to place it?

Joseph Denne: We wouldn’t play football with it. But it has been drop tested both with and without packaging. If you take reasonable care, it will last you a lifetime – we’d recommend a level surface!

🔗Question 7:

How many days are there between FN deliveries and Constellation?

Joseph Denne: Well that totally depends on when it arrives, which depends on the speed of the couriers in your location 😁

🔗Question 8:

Why do I need to provide a Proof of Stake?

Joseph Denne:Mainly because it helps guarantee the reliability of the network as it scales. You can read more about what’s behind the POS approach here:

🔗Question 9:

Can we choose the shipping method for Founding Nodes?

Joseph Denne: No. We’re using multiple carriers depending on which location you are in. We’ll be weighing up the value for money against the protection offered in each case.

🔗Question 10:

Can I see where the current Gateways and Stargates are located geographically?

Joseph Denne: A network explorer is in development, which will be launching with Constellation. This will show location, along with other metrics. All updated in real time. This map shows the location of the Stargates deployed in our backbone:


We now have an ASN from ICANN, meaning that we can run global BGP routing DNS. The Stargates are providing this functionality at the top level in the network through a built in DNS system.

🔗Question 11:

Will there be a proper marketing push once all Founding Nodes are live?

Joseph Denne: Our marketing strategy is ongoing and focused on network growth from point of Constellation onwards. We are managing a wait list at the moment for new clients (and will continue to do so from Q1 next year) in order to balance network growth, so we will not be short of customers!

🔗Question 12:

I am a Founding Node winner. May I update my shipping address? And what about my email address?

Joseph Denne:You can change shipping address yourself but you’ll need to email to update your email. This is the best way for us to keep track of requests like this.

🔗Question 13:

I’d REALLY like to buy a Founding Node. Please may I?

Joseph Denne: I’m afraid not. Sadly, we have allocated all devices in the production run but we are working on some exciting new product development for next year. Stay signed up at to be the first to hear about these 😁

🔗Question 14:

I noticed that DADI daily trading volume reduced significantly in the last week or so. What are the plans of the team for managing market liquidity and any updates regarding exchanges, especially LBX?

Joseph Denne: We’re listed with LBX and implementing their tools as part of our on ramp. A level of liquidity is provided through contracted market makers, which helps to ensure that contributors and customers can buy and sell $DADI. Significant fluctuations in the broader market - AND there have been a few of those of late 😑, will impact movement and liquidity in our token at this stage in our development, and there’s much we can do about that.

🔗Question 15:

What will be the first opportunity to contribute to the DADI network AFTER the Founding Nodes?

Joseph Denne: The first opportunity will be a command line Linux package for contributors who wish to connect their own compatible hardware, swiftly followed by desktop applications for Mac and Windows devices (with a lovely, easy-to-use interface).

Follow up: YES! WHEN?! ETA please

Joseph Denne: See Q1

🔗Question 16:

How are things progressing with the Agorai partnership? Is there a timeline for when Agorai will be using the DADI network?

Joseph Denne: Dev work is ongoing on that front. We’re tied to their timelines.

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