A workplace that works for you

Your office is a data center that could offset digital costs in your company, you just need to switch it on


A few months ago we reimagined the home as a data center. This gave you a chance to see how your home appliances like laptops, smart speakers, record players and even lamps could eventually pay for themselves by being part of the DADI network.

But it doesn’t stop there.

Offices, workspaces and any place of business using connected devices can be used to help power our decentralised network. This means new revenue potential for businesses, who can earn DADI tokens from their existing servers, lamps and computers – devices that often have spare capacity or spend long periods of the day or night idle.

Imagine desktop computers that actively contribute to your IT budget. Or a boardroom monitor that covers the cost of your stationery. Or the opportunity to directly offset hosting fees for digital services your company provides – even relatively small devices could take a serious chunk out of running costs, and in the right circumstances could even become cost-neutral.

Digital businesses will further benefit by using DADI technology to run websites or applications. Products built using DADI are leaner, faster to market and free of the licence fees often attributed to enterprise platform solutions. Our services can also be a cost-effective replacement for day-to-day services such as file sharing.

A great starting point is DADI CDN – if your digital product uses a traditional content delivery network such as Cloudflare, Limelight or Akamai, you could save up to half by switching to DADI technology.

Making use of spare computing power in the office also reduces the carbon footprint of your business. Your office will help contribute to a network that removes the need for dedicated server farms offered by traditional cloud services corporations such as Amazon, Google and Microsoft.

Want to know more about how your business can benefit from being DADI-connected? Contact us for a chat – or read more about the upcoming ways individual devices can be hooked up to our network to defend your bottom line.

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