Due diligence

Due diligence

DADI believes in transparency and has taken every step to provide as much clarity as possible with regard to the business, its technology, and future plans.

Last updated 21/01/18

Platform overview

DADI is creating a marketplace for computational power facilitated by a utility token. You can access a short overview here.

You can see the results of the Howey test here.

Technology white paper

The technology white paper for DADI can be found here: DADI white paper

Business overview

A paper detailing the business case for DADI can be found here: DADI business overview

Source code

DADI is Open Source software, hosted on Github. You can access the organization page here: github.com/dadi

Individual Web Service repos:

Web services deep dive

A presentation that provides functional and technical detail as well as near and further out roadmap plans for each of the ten live and in development web services can be found here: DADI Web Services deep dive

Supporting site for DADI Web Services

A separate site for existing DADI Web Services can be found here: dadi.tech

DADI.tech will be retooled post Crowdsale to focus on the decentralized network in the run up to the first full public release.


Documentation for DADI Web Services can be found here: docs.dadi.tech

Marketing strategy

DADI is pursuing a developer-driven growth strategy, focused on converting developers to the platform. This will be undertaken by segment, focusing on individual developers as well as those employed in start ups, agencies, SMEs and in the Enterprise.

Further reading: Marketing strategy

Companies House filings

The company behind DADI, DADI+ Limited (a private limited company registered in England and Wales [Company No: 08599900]), has been trading for a little over four years.

You can access its companies house filings here: beta.companieshouse.gov.uk

The following DADI companies will be Token Issuing Entities for the Private sale and Crowdsale:

Crowdsale contacts & Investor relations

Crowdsale contacts:

Joseph DenneCEOjd@dadi.co
Christopher MairMarketing, PR & outreachcm@dadi.co
James LambieCore technologyjl@dadi.co

Investor relations:

Joseph DenneCEOjd@dadi.co
Paul KingsleyCOO & FDpk@dadi.co