A just-in-time asset manipulation and delivery layer designed as a modern, global content distribution solution.

  • Serve from Amazon S3, a remote server or the local filesystem
  • Dynamically generate images for responsive design and mobile devices
  • Extensive set of image enhancement and transformation tools
  • Image format conversion

More features

What is CDN?

DADI CDN is analogous to a traditional CDN (Content Distribution Network) such as Akamai and Limelight. It is designed to carry the processing and delivery load associated with image manipulation and asset delivery (CSS/JS/fonts) and acts autonomously as a layer on top of your core product.

CDN has full support for caching, header control, image manipulation, image compression and image format conversion. An authenticated API allows for fine grained cache control in the form of content invalidation on an individual file or collective path basis.

Screenshot of product

CDN let's you edit images easily using query strings.

Full features

Crop based on subject matter

Let CDN decide the focal point of the image and deliver an image containing only the essentials, cropped to your specifications.

Simplified media storage

No need to maintain multiple sizes of each image you upload into an article - CDN generates new variations from a single master image.

One CDN for all asset types

Store and deliver font files and minify all your CSS and JavaScript assets for delivery.

Intelligent delivery

Let CDN choose the best transformations based on device, network, location or language.

Delivery Recipes

Store frequently used image manipulation parameters as a 'delivery recipe'.

Cache crops for faster delivery

Converted images can be cached using a Redis server or the local filesystem, providing faster delivery on subsequent requests.

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